Mothers as Fire Tenders Mentorship

As mothers, we are tenders of the ancestral fires. I have created a tenderly woven eight week package to support you in this sacred journey.

Mothers are Fire Tenders of the Ancestral Flames 

They hold the sacred waters of the family, the emotional threads and the love

They bring in life, sustain it and create sacred endings to life 

I have an 8 week 1:1 mentorship program especially for mothers beginning in March 2023 

Initiation as Mother : Calling in the Wisdom of the Ancestors 

Mother Threads Ancestral Ceremony: Bringing forwards the wisdom 

Mapping Your Threads as a Mother and Beginning to Weave Anew 

Journeying for Yourself and Your Children: Power Allies, Mother Mary and Archangel Gabriel 

Establishing Sacred Ceremonies: Moon Cycles, Rites of Passage for Your Children and Your Lineage

Celebrations and Grief: How to Create an Honouring of 

Family Altars: Re igniting the Ancestral Fires with Storytelling, Song and Sacred Art 

End of Life Rituals, Healing the Ancestors and Bringing in the Wisdom of the Illuminated Ancestors 

Exchange: £888

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