Isn’t aromatherapy just about smelling nice?

Aromatherapy is a truly ancient art from when holistic medicine combined the emotional and the physical. When essential oils are used topically (applied on the skin with a carrier oil), they enter the bloodstream within 30 seconds. This way, they bring therapeutic benefits to the body such as pain relief, wound healing or muscle relaxation. Essential oils also work on the subtle energetic body and emotions so can help balance moods and bring about feelings of calm and positivity. Simply inhaling oils means they are received by the olfactory system and enter the limbic system (the body’s emotional memory) and bring about certain emotional and energetic states based on this.

So they do smell nice, so we can use them to attract one another. Just like flowers do to bees.


Is aromatherapy suitable for me?

Anyone can benefit from aromatherapy, even babies or the elderly. It can be used for anything from allergies to arthritis or boosting your mood to birth blends. It has such versatility it can be used simply at home. I have created a range of simple recipe cards for generic purposes but it is always advisable to seek advice from an aromatherapist.

For people with specific health conditions and those taking medication, it is important to have a consultation with a clinical aromatherapist so you can avoid any contraindications.  That way, you can have a blend which is made especially for your emotional and physical health with reassurance of your safety.


Why do I need a consultation with you?

An aromatherapy consultation is like being given the map for your body and it’s journey . A shamanic consultation is like being given the map of your soul. The consultation in itself helps you and me to understand what needs to happen next. I am here to help to join the dots between the different events of your life and make your time with me most meaningful. Without a consultation, we don’t know whether we will be able to work together, this is why I offer my new clients the first 30 minutes for free. It is a deep insight into yourself and will help you to decide which steps to take next.


Why don’t you have a list of treatments? 

I operate from more of a holistic model where I bring in my clinical aromatherapy knowledge, my Pilates anatomy and movement and my spiritual and shamanic guides. This means that you get a treatment or healing which is as unique as you are. It may combine massage, aromatherapy, shamanic healing, a card reading or a combination of these. The difference with me is that I intuitively connect with each client. If there is something that you particularly want, I can offer that too but I will always tell you the way that I feel I can best serve you. That way, you get the best of me!


Why don’t you just deliver the oils straight away like Amazon or eBay?

So much of my work is about making things sacred. My womb healing work for example is about creating a sacred space of creation and excitement inside of you. For me, my work comes from that space too. It wouldn’t be the same if I had shelves in a warehouse stacked with the same blends, they are all different because we are all different and that takes time. So rather than rushing to sell you something  you may not need,  I prefer we both take our time to find out first. That way, I make something beautiful and you respect that. As for the Earth, she is happier too as there is less waste.