1:1 Healing Sessions

My 1:1 Sessions combine Shamanic Healing, Angelic Reiki and Aromatherapy. It is a very deep and sacred form of healing where I work with tools such as my drum, rattle and sword. During these sessions, you will take an active role in your healing. I will support you by journeying and channel the wisdom from my guides to connect you with what is happening on a soul level.

 The Sessions  

What to Expect From A Session With Me:

Initial Consultation

If we haven’t met before, I offer an initial consultation to see whether or not we are a good match. I am really interested in working with people who are ready to truly engage in the healing process as an empowering and self-actualising journey.

Diagnostic Journey

The first thing I do following the consultation or booking is a diagnostic journey to see what  the areas will be that we will be working on and which healing processes and modalities will be used. I will then share this journey in an email with you and make suggestions about initial journaling and exploration to begin as I believe that as soon as you book your appointment with me, the healing starts.

The Healing 

Protection and Sacred Space : I call in the directions and create sacred space for the healing. The East is the  fire element for protection and illumination, the South is the water element of heart healing and the release of stuck emotions; the West is the Earth, Mother Earth, the Stone people and the Bear to create a space of holding and safety as you go through processes of transformation and healing; the North is the Air – expression, intuition and your ancestors who we bring in to guide the process.

I then call in my shamanic guides, your healing team, angels and spirit guides to bring you wisdom and healing for your soul

The Reading: I first of all use my rattle and drum to journey into your soul’s wisdom, the energy body and all that it holds in this dimension and all others, past lives and ancestry. I use this reading to assess what needs to happen during the session and also cut any chords or take away any energetic woundings that may have been placed in your energy field, leaving your energy body balanced and restored.

The Healing: Here I undertake the healing process given to me by my guides. This may begin as one healing process and take different directions during the session. You will be very much active in this process and I will share with you the wisdom I am given so that you can gain a deep understanding of your soul’s journey to this point in time. The modalities I use may be massage, Angelic Reiki, Past Life Healing, Soul Retrieval, Heart Healing or any of the procedures I am given by my guides at the time. I will share what I am doing with you at each stage and you will be invited to understand and be empowered by the process.

The Re-Balance and Activation

Your healing team and angel guides will then guide me to bring in the energies necessary to restore your energy field following the healing. This will include channelling the elements, plant spirits and tree spirits. I may use essence sprays, crystals, essential oils and smudging during this time to bring about the balance of energies and clearing necessary for you.

The Guidance:

I will then channel guidance from your healing team and my shamanic guides to support you in the coming weeks and months. I may use oracle cards or my pendulum to guide me or simply speak from spirit. This part of the session may include creative or intuitive guidance such as journaling, drawing, dancing or postures and movements. The soul’s language is that of the body and you will be guided to connect and develop ideas beyond the thinking mind and into the soul’s wisdom of the body. I will be available to support you during this integration time and provide all necessary resources and support packages to wrap you in a healing nest of care as you grow.

Your Healing Essence:

I will then be guided to create an aromatherapy essence to support you in your healing time. This will be blended specifically to support you on your healing journey and is for your use only. It will resonate with the session and support you and provide protective energy and raise your vibration to bring about the healing as you integrate, activate and rest in the coming weeks.


The Follow Up

I will email the guidance to you and send you any resources I have been advised to send you. I am also available for questions, concerns and sharing thoughts in the following weeks of your session to support you.

The Price £150.00

Duration of Healing: allow 3 hours for the session and schedule time afterwards for journaling, sacred art and movement 

Session Duration: 3 hours 

 What is Shamanic Healing? 

The soul holds the memory of everything that happens to you in this lifetime and lifetimes past on a physical and energetic level. It is the work of the shaman to bring this energy body and soul back to sacredness and balance.

Your initial session will be a consultation to find out what you need at this time and include your first healing which may involve one or more of the following processes:

Soul retrieval

The return of your soul essence following traumatic events to bring you back to wholeness and sovereignty. This may involve the retrieval of parts of yourself such as your confidence or your intuition or simply the spark of who you were if you feel you have lost it. 

I also support clients after the soul retrieval to integrate these parts with my soul retrieval guidance and journaling tools.



Cord cutting and Illumination

Releasing you from toxic patterns and relationships as well as emotions you weren't born with. This can also be undertaken between loving relationships where there is co-dependency. You will feel yourself, unleashed, untied and back in the safety of your own energy. 

Psychopomp journeys

The journey of the soul to the afterlife, supporting the soul into the Summerland. This can be done remotely or at the property or as part of a sacred death ceremony. The safe passing of the soul with care and sacredness is a gift to the living and the dead.

Power Animal and Shamanic Guide Journeys

I want my time with you to be empowering as well as healing. We all have guidance from spirit and if you are looking to deepen your intuition and inner guidance this is essential. Forming and developing a deep connection with your power animal and harnessing this strength and power will be a tool to support you in your life. I will teach you this sacred connection with the animal kingdom and support you to build and develop your journeys together.

Womb healing

A sacred cleansing and empowerment healing of the womb space. So much is held in the womb space. It holds the energy of relationships past, our journey to womanhood, the stories written in our families and culture about what it means to be a woman. This is a powerful healing and I recommend three sessions over 6 months to bring about a deep healing of this space so that healing energies and connection can be brought in. The sessions come to an end with a sacred blessing of the Rights of the Womb

Ancestral healing

Healing your ancestors on the female or male line is such an empowering process. The questions come up as: what is mine? What is theirs? What stories need to be told? What stories need to be retold? Expect a deep and loving connection to who you are and your purpose in this lifetime. 

I have created this video to explain more about an ancestral healing and how to truly bring these energies into your life following the healing session.




I am also a keeper of sacred ceremony and circle. I hold festivals in the pagan calendar and support women to sit in circle for healing and connection. I am able to do any of this at festivals, gatherings and to celebrate sacred rights of passage in our lives.


My Training

I have trained with Shamanic Willow, who I chose to support me on her path because of her beautiful connection with the forest, the fae and the magic of plant and tree energies that I so love.


Angelic Reiki Master 

Clinical Aromatherapist (International Federation of Profesional Aromatherapists)

Spiritual Healing Mentorship: Louise Matson (Spiritual Guide and Shamanic Healer)