1:1 Healing Sessions

My 1:1 Sessions combine Shamanic Healing, Angelic Reiki and Aromatherapy. It is a very deep and sacred form of healing where I work with tools such as my drum, rattle and sword. During these sessions, you will take an active role in your healing. I will support you by journeying and channel the wisdom from my guides to connect you with what is happening on a soul level.

Shamanic Healing encompasses all aspects of 'soul work' and can help you if you are returning to patterns and getting stuck. It can also support with releasing and moving on from deep trauma even after years of talking therapies. I work with my allies to bring the necessary healing through. 

My guides support me to work with you in a very empowering way so effectively, you do the work and learn skills along the way to help you to not only overcome what is troubling you but regain your power to live the life you were meant to. 
Sessions are up to 2 hours long and available in person or online.  My in-person sessions are either at We Are Wellness in Leeds on a Monday, Ilkley Healing Centre on a Friday or the Tara Centre in Lancaster on a Wednesday.

Types of Healings I offer 1:1

  • Soul Readings

  • Soul and Power Retrieval

  • Cord Cutting

  • Past Life Healing 

  • Womb Healing 

  • Ancestral Healing

  •  Psychopomp Healing 

I will be clear from our initial connection call what is I feel is required but work intuitively in these sessions. I also offer month, three month and 6 month containers with reduced rates to support long term healing journeys in safety, support and deep holding.


Soul Readings and Mentorships 

1 hour soul readings to solve indecision and tune into intuition and guidance 

long term mentorships to support life transition such as adapting to grief, divorce, adapting to life changing injury, illness or changes in soul purpose and calling 


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I am where I am in my life now much because of the healing with you and I don't remember ever being this happy without any particular reason.

More loving and kind with myself than ever. Love you Emily and all your work

O, Leeds