Being Held in Sacred Cycles

Aug 23, 2023

Being Held in Sacred Cycles

Being held by the Earth barefoot is such a safe space for me, underneath all the noise and deep in the roots. I learnt that I had lost soul parts along my journey and that they had been held in the Earth, ancient trees had held them safe in their roots until it was safe to bring them back. 

This often happens with soul parts, what I realised when the soul essences were returned was that my connection with trees and plants was also returned, a clairsentience and clairvoyance and audience with these beautiful plant and tree spirits. 

I created this blend as a tool I needed in times when a safe space was needed. The Earth helps us to circle back to our own rhythms and cycles and know that there is no race but a season that is right for us in that moment. The Earth's energies are stronger now and so the remedy is much more potent. 

Moss is also such a gentle holding, encouraging you to rest a while in its softness while your thoughts and worries can journey down to the roots and be taken into the Earth to transmute and be created anew. 

This is not a blend to be used in pregnancy, for that I created the hypnobirthing anchor which avoids Clary and Fennel which are not recommended in pregnancy. However, as a birth aid this blend is beautiful. 

Both can be found on our House Blends page:

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