Year-Long Courses

The Rainbow Bridge Family Heart Connection

8th - 9th June 2024

Various Events Throughout the Year

A heart connection festival for families. Welcoming collaboration and togethering.

Earth connection workshops for families and healing circles for parents. Sacred fire and Cabaret

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The Mother Threads Membership and Retreat Day

Ongoing with In Person Events

A celebration and honouring of the sacred aspects of motherhood.

Includes shamanic journey

Shared lunch

and land connection

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Magical Aromatherapy, Earth Wisdom and Kitchen Witchery

September 2024 - August 2025

A Wheel of the Year of Creativity,
Connection and Celebration

 A deep holding for those who identify as Earth Keepers,
Wisdom Keepers or fairy friends - those who are pulled into this path of
creating connections with the plant spirits, trees and guardians of the land. Welcome!

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Events & Workshops

Ancestral Healing Ten Week Course

Tuesday 27th August - Tuesday 29th October

Ten Weeks Includes Two In-Person Sessions at The Middlewood Trust

Your illuminated ancestors want nothing more than to show you their love and to feel yours. The connection with ancestors and lineage is something that has been lost in recent times and it has left many feeling disconnected, dissociated and with ancestral trauma that goes back many generations. 

This course is your guide to bring back those threads and weave love and pride back into your ancestry whether you have strong connections with your immediate family, have been adopted or whatever your circumstances. The ancestral tree is wise and loving and is here to welcome you home. 

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Hysteria and Hysterectomies

2nd, 9th and 16th July 10.00-11.00am

Three Webinars to Educate about Women’s Health in a Holistic Way

Hysteria and Hysterectomies

Clinical whitewashing of emotions in healthcare settings has historically led to increased surgery and hysterectomies for women, whereas women are now discovering that bringing emotions and intuition to the centre of their health and wellbeing is not only helpful but necessary 

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