Year-Long Courses

The Rainbow Bridge Family Heart Connection

8th - 9th June

A heart connection festival for families. Welcoming collaboration and togethering.

Earth connection workshops for families and healing circles for parents. Sacred fire and Cabaret

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A Daughter's Welcome

2nd, 16th and 23rd July

You are a sacred daughter. Welcome, loved and celebrated.

This is a rite of passage ceremonial journey to welcome yourself as a woman in your lineage. With three ceremonies either side of the full moon, we will bring you as sacred daughter to claim your sacred lineage as a daughter, holder of the wisdom of the womb and the emotional threads.

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Ancestral Healing Immersion

Tuesday 3rd September -Tuesday 29th October

Ancestral and Karmic Healing Online Course. A homecoming with your illuminated ancestors to wisdom, power and soverignty.

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The Mother Threads Retreat Day

15th July 2024

A celebration and honouring of the sacred aspects of motherhood.

Includes shamanic journey

Shared lunch

and land connection

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The Womb Healing

Returns in September 2024

This is a Six-month Healing Container for 4 women who would like to work deeply with the spiritual aspects of the womb space and work with trauma of relationship, sexuality, daughter and mother wounding and bringing freedom, sensuality, creativity and joy to this sacred space

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Events & Workshops

Earth Seasons Wheel of the Year

Beginning September 2023

A Grid Keeper’s

Earth Seasons is a year-long
container for the wheel of the year bringing healing to heart, home,  land and body. It is a year of transformation
both of our inner and our outer worlds with the elements, plants and Earth.


Story Weavers
with Sacred Art

Each season and month brings an
opportunity for creating ourselves anew and at a time of immense collective
grief and uncertainty, I would like to share some ancient ways to care for our
souls and the Earth and gather as guardians of the future.

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Magical Aromatherapy

November 23 - November 2024

The course will take you one a very empowering journey with
aromatherapy. I will teach you about aromatherapy from an ‘elemental’ and
‘energetic’ perspective. This is an intuitive journey which will transform your
connection and intuition  with your
aromatherapy oils. You will be guided to make anointing oils,  magical remedies to bring about new beginnings
and a deeper connection with yourself and plant Spirit.

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Weaving The Mother Threads

Monday 4th March - Monday 22nd April

Power Tools for Motherhood

Eight Weeks of Ritual, Ceremony and Sisterhood

Retreat Day: 18th March at Fell Edge

For mothers, mothers to be and mothers of empty nests, bereaved mothers and grandmothers
of any age or stage

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Ancestral Healing with the Trees

25th April and 2nd May

We are gathering for two circles at a time when the wisdom and voices of the ancestors and guardians of the forest are calling us. Bringing love, wisdom and honouring of the voice of the mother into each family.

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Magical Aromatherapy: Calling the Plant Spirit Allies

Friday 24th May

This is a creative workshop to bring in the plant spirit allies into your blends. You will be guided how to choose oils, how to blend and bring synergy and magical properties to your aromatherapy blends. 

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A walk with Hawthorn and the Tree Spirits

Friday 17th May

This is an immersive walk through ancient woodland connecting with the tree spirits and the spirit of Hawthorn. You will be guided to ask for consent from the land and how to know when to initiate an interaction. This is a beautiful, personalised and individual experience in a small group to receive wisdom, healing and hope. 

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