Folding Back: Channelling the Goddess

Oct 18, 2021

Folding Back: Channelling the Goddess

We thought we were waiting

But we were dying

Embers burning

Then dampening to cold echoes

Flaking away in shards


The path that led us here

Has worn away untraceable

dissolved into the tears

Even with grief cycling back

The Earth has taken it home


The roots, the bark, the soil, the mud

The trees that have seen so much

Surrender to it all


The words we used

Are washed of meaning

And hopes have died

Of ever returning


The cover has peeled off

And laid bare the sadness

That it was all


by our darkness


Now we can see

We can fold gently into the kneaded dough

And the Earth can make mountains and rivers

We can sail on her leaves and her questions

It is her show

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