Nettle Hydrosol: The Unlikely Cinderella of Aromatherapy

Feb 26, 2023

Nettle Hydrosol: The Unlikely Cinderella of Aromatherapy

When we think about aromatherapy, nettle is probably the furthest plant from our minds. The prickly weed that is pulled out to protect our lawns and flowers. Added to this, the combination of nettle as a hydrosol symbolises the outcast. The hydrosol is generally thought of as a waste product of distillation. It is commonly discarded and nettles are as overlooked weeds.

It wasn’t until I considered that there was so much symbolism here about the way we prioritise oils over hydrosols as more potent and exotic oils such as Frankincense that I started to see the magic.  

Nettles are local, under our feet, abundant and plenty. They are not flown across the globe in energy burning imports. They have already arrived. They are here and now and their growing season is long. In terms of localised business and enterprise loops which are energy efficient and economy efficient, sending money back into the roots, they are symbolic of a beautiful natural cycle of nature.

Nettles are also absolutely full of wonderful properties distilled and in teas. Nettle hydrosol is a calming tonic for inflamed nerves, reducing pain and soothing the skin. It is also deeply cleansing and purifying. The beauty of hydrosols is also that they can be used directly on the skin and bring benefits to the elderly and very young as well as those with skin conditions.

As an aromatherapist and a shamanic healer, I not only connect with the properties but also the energies of the plants and nettle had such a beautiful message for us at this time. She wanted to be honoured as she brings healing to the Earth. She has a mothering energy and sends nutrients to other plants which are less healthy or have diseases.

Not only does nettle want to bring healing to other plants, she wants to bring healing to our lives showing us that we do not need to bring exotic fruits from round the world as our colonial past did. We can bring healing to ourselves and our connection with our land by honouring the sacred maiden in the soil. The nettle is an energy that is showing us to connect with our roots and love our own soil, our own selves, our own cells. We are being guided now to honour the Goddess beneath our feet: from outcast to sacred herb or as Cinderella would say:

“The shoe absolutely fits”

Welcome, the Nettle Queen. Welcome the parts you have neglected, whatever was rejected will now be embraced. It is time to celebrate the abundance and healing of nettle. The marriage of self and land.

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