The Invisibility of Motherhood

May 25, 2024

The Invisibility of Motherhood

If we can’t see it, can it be true?

The work of the mother is unseen, often invisible

 As mothers, the world we inhabit can be intangible

and this disconnect between the inner and outer worlds presents such a vulnerability for our emotional health. Yet, seeing this in a bigger sense, taught me that our families and the world needs this tender, invisible lens of motherhood.

In between the events that happen

Anticipating, waiting, dissipating unseen

It is spiritual, connecting deeply with other realms

Telepathically with another soul

As it is part of our soul

Auras connected, entwined

Yet this huge invisible emotional web that feels so massive

And has lead me in such tender dark spaces feeling it


The huge ancestral and emotional threads that cannot be seen

So go unacknowledged, yet

How does that feel to our soul?
I often wonder how much the inner world of mothers

If tended, could whisper through the outer world

And support both mother and child

I remember so many fears and questions around my children

dismissed with a

“We can’t find anything wrong” from professionals which somehow left a hole inside of doubt. Or “Try not to worry so much”

Maybe I made the whole thing up?

Maybe it was just the sickness of the whole disconnect

Which made us all ill at that time

But I could feel the illness in the life that was being lived

Adrift from the emotional and spiritual threads

And the voices of the grandmothers in my head

I was referred to mental health services

And the emotion inside me pathologized

My intuition gaslighted

I only had one appointment when I realised

The futility of the whole situation

And sought the healer within

An eleven year road still walking

So grateful for every step clearing all that wasn’t true

Without shared experience, mother’s work is invalidated

Mother is isolated


And her emotions unwitnessed

And for our souls this can lead to separation or dissociation

Validating our experiences and our watery emotional wisdom is self-care

Otherwise, it disappears somehow

Lost in the moment and never really touches where it was meant

The ancestral connection is so magnetic,

The mother is a live wire, attracting the lightning bolts

Her heart so attuned to feel and know

The tuning in, feeling the threads from our heart

Tangling often when they touch our sore parts

Entwining our stories

With those we never met

These moments can pull mothers down

But they can also be the portals to new ways

Of embracing the journeying between worlds

Bringing the healing through to change our lived experiences

I feel my voice when I am with my children

The fears rising in throat shifting to soft reassurance

For them and for me

The anger that transmutes to stiffness until I bring my heart to soften

The gentle voice I find

For them

The mirroring back of the goodness 

Noticing the beauty in another

Sharing the wonder and the joy

The sadness

I wonder why now I have changed so much

Within and without

And I see it all so clearly

I never thought

To save the gentlest voice,

The one who heard and felt it all

To save that tender healing voice

For me

and reflect that back

for other mothers to feel

and see

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