Welcome Back Mother

Aug 23, 2023

Welcome Back Mother

Mothers now, at this time are parenting between worlds and it can be a lonely space yet also the most nourishing and wholesome there has ever been. An opportunity to bring back what has been lost to witch hunts, silencing of emotions and intuitive wisdom. When we make a nest in uncertain times and welcome excited bundles of joy into the world, there is a sense within us that we are weaving a future. We are creating something really new and there is hope.

When my first born arrived, I had no tribe, no circle of wise elders or midwives stoking the fire to bring in the new life. Within weeks I knew my marriage was over. I remember feeling so disempowered by the birthing process and absence of village every Mother needs and yet now I look around and here we are. The Birthkeepers have arrived, the doulas, the wombshamen. Everywhere I look, I see hypnobirthers, circle holders and moon cycle honourings and I feel so blessed to have witnessed this in the ten years between my oldest and youngest. All I can say is Welcome back!

The void I felt is being filled with the most wonderful offerings and awakened gifts that I feel as a mother evermore held than I could have dreamt. There is something new as well, the Earth and sacred cycles of birth and death. I have started, with the death of two grandparents in the family, to bring ceremony and psychopomp journeys around this. I knew this was my path when I was very small and could see the energies leaving the soul and the emotions unspoken in faces in front of me.

I talk to my children about their ancestors who died at war and in difficult circumstances, my grandmas who died to young and the stories I have heard beyond the veil. They have taught me how this can affect the soul’s journey. The ascension of ancestors and their sacred honouring is part of this mothering, mothering that which was before, what is and what is coming. Telling the story of the bones and how they came to bear their fruit to the babes in your arms. 

Maybe you or your children are feeling things that haven’t been felt or you struggle with guilt. This is part of who you are becoming Mother, it may be rocky and show up in the body or emotions in unexpected ways. This is part of the journey, you are the gatekeepers of the new. You are the mothers of this new world and you are not alone. Look around you, you are held and you are loved. The ancestors have their caring arms around you and the Earth is your safe space. Welcome home mother, you are the shapeshifter, the creatrix, the Sacred Mother.

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