A walk with Hawthorn and the Tree Spirits

This is an immersive walk through ancient woodland connecting with the tree spirits and the spirit of Hawthorn. You will be guided to ask for consent from the land and how to know when to initiate an interaction. This is a beautiful, personalised and individual experience in a small group to receive wisdom, healing and hope. 

The tree spirits are extremely supportive during times of change and can bring messages and healings of great hope and connection. 

Hawthorn spirit is deeply sensual and can support you in awakening your creativity and joy. 

Bring a notebook for your messages, images and an open heart. 

Emily am a plant spirit channel and shamanic healer. This is a meditative walk to deepen your connection with the plant spirits, Mother Earth and the Guardians of the Land. 

Each walk is different and limited to four people so please book in advance and bring an offering for the land.

Friday 17th May 11.00 - 1.00pm 

to book: email: emily@autumnblossoms.co.uk