Align Your Spine

This is so big!

I am going to do a whole morning's retreat in the beautiful Mansions of We Are Wellness to bring physical, emotional and soul healing for your back.

Your spine is such an integral part of you and this work is so needed! 

It is your central nervous system, your posture and your support system, your fulcrum for movement and flow. This is a retreat for your spine, to really connect with it as a physical and energetic body. We will learn how to bring ease and release pain from this space and I will teach you practices you can take away to use as part of your self-care routines. 

What to expect:

  • Self Massage Routines and self care
  • Movement for creating strength and flow, releasing the spine
  • Posture and Alignment, feeling it from within
  • The emotional causes of back pain
  • The energetic wounds in your spine
  • Aromatherapy for the Spine
  • Working with Scar Tissue 
  • Creating a Home Practice


About Your Teacher: 

Emily is a Pilates Teacher, Clinical Aromatherapist, Shamanic Healer and Dancer

Her wisdom comes from experience of injury, spine mechanisms in the physical and energetic body. 

Her approach is based on over 20 years of research and study. After being told following surgery that she wouldn't walk again some 20 years ago, Emily's knowledge about the body has brought about such changes to the way that injury and scar tissue is considered and her methodology is entirely holistic, heart centred and delivered in a container of emotional safety and warmth. 


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