Ancestral and Karmic Healing

Your illuminated ancestors want nothing more than to show you their love and to feel yours. The connection with ancestors and lineage is something that has been lost in recent times and it has left many feeling disconnected, dissociated and with ancestral trauma that goes back many generations. 

This course is your guide to bring back those threads and weave love and pride back into your ancestry whether you have strong connections with your immediate family, have been adopted or whatever your circumstances. The ancestral tree is wise and loving and is here to welcome you home. 

When you go back through all lines, they lead us together and to the Earth, this eight week container is your guide and holding to bringing back the wisdom and untangling the hurt from the lines that run in your veins. 

Week One: The Illuminated ancestors and their fire that burns for you. Connecting in words, a ceremony of welcoming with dance, 

Week Two: The elemental essence of your tree. What is the story and patterning unique to your family tree? Picking up the threads 

Week Three: The Feminine line, a journey into your female lineage to gain the wisdom, stories and woundings with the Hawthorn and the Hazel Tree  

Week Four: The Healing of the female line in ceremony and elemental remedies 

Week Five: The masculine line, a journey into your male lineage to gain the wisdom, stories and woundings with the Oak and Pine Tree 

Week Six: The Healing of the masculine line in ceremony and elemental remedies 

Week Seven: The devotional practice of the heart to weave back peace and love, bringing  the remedies into the world we can touch and feel. 

Speaking the words, lighting the fire, releasing the emotions and standing the stones once more  

Week Eight: The journey back to the illuminated ancestors to find our quest and look for the clues with our allies to bring back the wisdom into our lives. 


We will use shamanic journey, altar practices, poetry, art and dance in our practice 


Tuesdays 7:00 - 8:30pm  

The first and last session will be held at a very special location on the farm


If we haven't worked before, message me to book a connection call with me

looking forwards to our journey together

Emily x

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