Angelic Reiki

Each session with me is truly unique as I work intuitively with my guides. You will be safely held in the healing space for your connection with the Angelic Realm. You will be brought back to your awareness of yourself as a divine being and receive the nourishing rays of the Angels.

Angelic Reiki healing is a beautiful and peaceful experience, it brings about feelings of calm and connection as well as restoring you back to the journey of your soul. You will be connected with the Angelic Kingdom of Light, Ascended Masters, the Galactic Healers and Christ Consciousness. 

I work with my healing angels and read your chakras and auras during the session. Healing is channelled where it is needed and a full soul reading is given during the session. 

Healings are followed by channelled meditations and readings and spiritual guidance is imparted as received by my guides and the Angelic Kingdom. 

Session Duration and Cost

Sessions are 90 minutes long and are infused with aromatherapy balancing, guidance and support for after the session