Dance of the Fae: A Magical Women’s Retreat

I have long resisted and danced with my connection with the fae but they are truly calling me now to bring women to the land. For when women connect with the land, they connect with their sacredness, their home and can honour her as they honour themselves.


When I first came to stay on this land, I could feel a deep connection. I have waited to hear her voice some more before sharing what I could understand.


I would like to bring you a weekend gathering of movement, meditation and dance

This is in the spirit of celebration, a remembering of our essence and a wildness that can be found inside.


As we find our voices and our authentic expression as women, we bring emotional wisdom into the circle, ancient womb keeping and the safety and protection of land.


Connecting with Self and Land

The body is a channel of truth, awakening that truth through dance, movement, meditation and connection. This is a weekend of celebration and becoming yourself


Connecting with Land and Tree Ancestors

We will journey with the land and tell her story through our bodies, we will journey into the trees and speak their words


Channelling the Wisdom of the Earth

We are channels of the womb of Gaia and to support her healing now, we will open ourselves up as channels for her words, her support and wisdom

For she is our sacred sister in the soil

And we will only rise with her holding us strong


If you feel inspired, I have space for 8 wonderful priestesses to join me on this journey at Beltane

With love


Emily  xx

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