Family Web Healing Retreat

Something has been coming back and coming back to me

And I know it is from my soul

Family Web Healing Retreat

I have four places for this deep work

For you

Having worked with families in so many different capacities for over 20 years, I have created something that will resonate.

If you feel like you are evolving so much and moving on in the rest of your life but your feelings of low worth come back around members of your family

Your story: understanding  your unique role and how it has played out in your family drama, what script was assigned to you? How did that script come about and gaining understanding of how it now plays out.

The drama triangle: understanding how you are contributing to the dynamic and how to move beyond it

Shamanic Parenting: creating sacred ceremonies and rituals , healing the relationships with your children small, grown up and inner children

Retelling your story: how can you now be the author and retell your story with sovereignty and peace

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