Female Archetypes

What are Archetypes and Why are they Important? 

Archetypes are like characters or roles that we play in life. They can shape part of us or we can be repelled by part of them. This way, we can become 'conditioned' in certain ways that don't necessarily reflect the truth of our souls. 

The Good Girl Archetype

She is often formed in childhood but can carry through to adulthood. 

She is the one who kept you safe

She is the one who looked outside for wisdom

She is the one who is playing small now or waiting to be invited. 

Can you recognise any of yourself in her?

The Wild Woman Archetype

She is the one they warned you about
She is so feminine and like the elements changeable, 
yet stories about her are not favourable and we can often push this part of us aside.
Can you recognise any of yourself in her?


The Goddess

The Goddess is about remembering your reverence and sacredness. Honouring and respecting your connection with the Divine Feminine .



The Creatrix

 The Creatrix effortlessly harnesses her sensual energy into being by manifesing her world from the womb.