Magical Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy, is essentially a tool we use to actualise our own alchemical processes. When we work with aromatherapy in a magical way, we harness our intentions, our healing and our health in a way that is not possible when we simply consider the individual oils and their properties.



We will call in the plant spirits into our blends as allies and wisdom keepers. I will teach the tools of using shamanic journeying to find the ingredients and to clarify the purpose and intentions behind your blend.

The course will take you one a very empowering journey with aromatherapy. I will teach you about aromatherapy from an ‘elemental’ and ‘energetic’ perspective. This is an intuitive journey which will transform your connection and intuition  with your aromatherapy oils. You will be guided to make anointing oils,  magical remedies to bring about new beginnings and a deeper connection with yourself and plant Spirit.

Each session will introduce you to recipes and remedies you can use straight away.

The course also comes with everything you need to start creating.


The Content:

  • Working with the Elements
  • Calling in the Spirit of the Oil
  • Manifesting and Altars
  • Anointing Blends and Space Holding Blends
  • Shamanic Journeys and Plant Spirit Allies
  • Working with the Moon and the Sun

How the Course is Delivered:

12 monthly online-person Sessions 

Video and PDF Resources on my Online Platform

Two In-Person Retreat day at The Middlewood Trust to connect with the plant and tree spirits and blend together all the tools.

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