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This is a place for you to come and work on yourself and understand what makes you you. It is a truly beautiful journey. Something you can always take with you wherever you go!

You can contact me via email as you journey through these healings. These will help to make you so much more aware of your inner landscape and bring light and healing to you. 

Honouring you in your healing journey  




Movement and Massage 

 Content for each month will be available from the Full Moon



Essential Oil of the Month 

Healing Focus: Cord Cutting 



Essential Oil of the Month: Frankincense Oil 

Healing Focus: Throat Chakra Healing 



Product of the Month: Cypress 

Healing Focus: Heart Chakra Healing and Sacred Unions 



Product of the Month: Bergamot

Healing Focus: The Solar Plexus, Anger,

How to release the flames and reconnect with your inner spark and inner power



Product of the Month: Ravensara 

Healing Focus: activating your intuition, crown and third eye and meeting your guides 



Essential Oil of the Month: Basil 

Healing Focus: Your soul's journey and your purpose 



Essential Oil: Pine 

Root Chakra Healing 



Healing Focus: The Fragmented Self 

Essential Oil: Ylang Ylang 



Essential Oil of the Month: Marjoram
Healing Focus: Grief 



Essential Oil of the Month: Geranium

Healing Focus: Embracing and Healing Your Heart Chakra and Inner Child



Essential Oil of the Month: Cinnamon Leaf 

Healing Focus: Feeling Safe, The Root Chakra and The Home 



 Essential Oil of the Month: Silver Fir

Healing Focus: Embracing Changes and Releasing Control