Shamanic Healing Retreat: Sacred connections with land and self


I am a gentle holder of sacred space

I call in my guides, my dragons and my plant spirits

I call in the elements I call in protection 

I call in healing 

I have had it in my heart for some time to create a retreat

With camping Connection with the Mother, 

The Earth

Tuning into her wisdom and bringing clarity and redirection 

Saturday and Sunday 23rd and 24th July 2022

 Shamanic Dance• Plant Spirit Journeys • Rebirth Through Mother Earth

Womb Healing Journey, Journaling and Dance 

Power Animal Connection • Sacred Fire • Drumming Circle • Camping and Connection with the land

£150.00 for the weekend Includes camping Unstone Grange 

£50.00 to book 


Unstone Grange, S 18 4AL