Six Week Womb Healing Dance

We will create a safe space for you in your womb and your relationships
Drawing honourable boundaries to feel safe in relationships after emotional and physical abuse. This starts with feeling safe in the group and establishing boundaries 
The root chakra, the roots in the Earth, the nest
Journeying into the void and finding safety
We will cut the chord from a person or situation which is still holding ties and you will be guided to ceremonially release this 
We will journey into the root chakra and rewrite the stories back to safety tuning into what we need to feel safe
Journeying to the heart, the wise source of intuition and feeling
Bringing our Hearts into our lives and allowing them to speak and be heard
Speaking the voice of our hearts without judgement or anxiety
Sister Connection: can you share a safety affirmation and your journaling with a sister? 
Can your sister help you to release the ties? 
Releasing the Patterns of:
Past relationships that haven’t served
Emotions that you weren’t born with that have been given to you in this lifetime
Shame and Judgement in the Womb Space
Illumination of the real stories that we hold in our womb space about our sexuality and our desires – what is it that we want to furnish our wombs and our lives with?
Calling in the divine feminine and our blessings for our womb and rebirthing through the womb of Mother Earth 
What energies do we want to hold in this space? 
What gifts do your ancestors hold for this space? 
Connecting with the womb space as an ancient source of wisdom 
Sister Connection: can you connect with another sister and share your experience of the divine feminine? 
Bringing in the Gifts:
Sacral Chakra Healing 
Meditating and journeying into the sacred rose
The mother in the Earth – your energetic ties Earthing with the chakras in the feet
Your Healing with Tree and Plant energies
Womb planning for a more whole and sensual creative existence in harmony with the moon
Throat chakra Healing 
Tapping into your creativity and the voice of the womb
Your Divine Feminine Creatrix
Exploring creativity from the womb: automatic writing, poetry and drawing opening the flow of magic within you
Embracing our feminine – keeping her safe asking for what she wants
Learning to receive and flow
Connecting to the wisdom
Sister connection: can your circle of sisters support you and your creativity? 
Connecting with your truth and celebrating You
Bringing in the gifts of fertility and creativity
Who are you?
A journey of healing, meditation and dance 
Sealing the journey and rebirthing yourself as a fully embodied sensual being, connected with the divine feminine and the moon.