Temple Woman Shamanic Retreat Day

The day will be all about empowering you and holding a safe space while you blossom into the Goddess you were born to be.  

We will support you in tapping into the energy force that is within you through meditations, movement, drumming, womb healing and time in nature. We will be sharing our top tools which have supported us through lockdown that have allowed us to feel freedom, calmness through the chaos and kept us grounded and these tools can help you too.

Set in the beautiful landscape of Deighton Lodge, you will feel at home as soon as you enter.

The Space Holders and Healers 

Lindsay has been working with a variety of tools since 2008 when she first learnt Reiki. Always open to experiencing new tools and modalities to help not only herself on this journey but others, the path has been long & not always linear. Navigating these spaces can be testing but with the right tools and knowledge you can also begin to enjoy this journey of life. Working with energy, channelling & communicating with a variety of beings Lindsay is on a mission to reconnect you to your inner knowing.
Emily is connected in her life and work to bringing out the healing and expression of the ‘female voice’. Through womb healing courses, meditations, healings and dance, Emily brings forward the wisdom of the womb so necessary for creating a future which is heart-centred and nurturing. Emily’s purpose and passion is deeply connected with the Earth. She is a channel for Mother Earth, the Plant Kingdom and Earth spirits. She creates aromatherapy blends to bring about changes in the body, mind and soul. She started ‘helping’ over 20 years ago and taught herself tools to heal herself, her family and brought back movement and feeling to her left foot after being told she would never walk again. Emily’s mission is to connect you back to the Earth, back to the wisdom in your womb and your unique expression as you.
Temple Woman was set up initially as an idea to reconnect women to their inner knowing. It then took on a life of its own through online courses, products, day retreats and circles. Collaborating with others to co create a new way of being & living that works in conjunction with the natural world around us.

Our ultimate vision is to be able to find land & create sacred spaces for all women to feel safe, held & empowered
We would love you to be involve in our first day retreat and as such have decided to offer it at £111 per person.

  • This is a beautiful opportunity to be held in sacred space and weave your plans, future and healing together with other women. 
  • What to Expect from the Day: 
  • Opening ceremony, check ins Intention setting in circle for the dreams we would like to manifest into our lives
  • A beautiful lunch made with organic and natural ingredients
    Cord cutting ceremony from systems that no longer align by Shamanic Healer Emily Webster followed by Dance of Releas
  • Face & Head massage- using Lindsays rosehip facial oil Emily will guide us through how to give ourselves a beautiful massage routine and your divine Feminine Essence
  • You will get an introduction and sampling of the new Temple Woman monthly subscription boxes
  • Together we will connect with Shamanic Dance and Movement to connect you with your divine essence and flow of  your body
  • We will also share opportunities to become part of a truly collaborative and supportive community supporting healers and wellness professionals to rise together

We would love for you to join us

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