The Ecological Principals Which Underpin Our Work

Our Core Principles

  • We work within a cycle to make all our deliveries and orders efficient. This means one delivery a month, one use of one vehicle, one order from supplies and one sacred dedicated time for creation. Plants don't blossom every day and we also wanted to honour our inner cycles and the Earth in the way we work. 
  • We actively research ecologically sound packaging and production methods and use those that are within our reach and capacity
  • Our plant resources are seasonally harvested from sustainable sources. They are wild crafted not farmed to reduce the agricultural impact.
  • We will never farm and harvest in a monoculture system as we know that the environment needs biodiversity to thrive and survive. 
  • We love and respect the organic permaculture farm we live on and we always listen to her advice.

Questions We Love to Ask

  • Why are we doing that?
  • Is there anything better we could do?
  • Could we source that more locally?
  • Could we do that ourselves?
  • Can it be done another way?
  • How can we improve?

We love the simplicity of:

  • Reduce
  • Reuse
  • Recycle

We follow this order by reducing our impact, resources and actions, we reuse our packaging and recycle where possible. 

All bottles can be returned to us for reusing and recycling 

We Celebrate:

Our improvements of our own performance.

We don't denegrate others

We Don't:

Use comparisons to other commpanies to make us look good

Claim to be carbon neutral as all companies have an impact and responsibility for the environment

We Believe:

If you are doing something well you don't need to shout about it

There is always something new to learn


If you have any comments or suggestions, please get in touch: