Unlocking the Cells


 Would you like to connect with your body's pain body in a new way? 

Unlocking the Cells is a course which teaches you how to journey into your cells to unlock the wisdom they hold about your health.

It is about learning the soul's map of your body

And how to read your body’s response to pain and soul loss

What would your body like to say to you? 

What is holding it back from healing?


What is the connection between the emotional and physical body? 

Where there is inflammation wanting to fire up lost passions

Where the joints are burning to create again and live their joys

Where the heart is locked in a box waiting for the key

Or there is an absence or numbness where feelings were once felt

Unlocking the cells is my latest offering and if you have seen my videos, the timing is perfect

For me and for the direction of healing coming in at the moment

We will be retrieving soul loss in the body

What is Soul Loss?

Soul retrievals are often done after soul loss occurs. This is like the soul’s safety device or fuse to save the body. When something happens to our human bodies that is too much to handle at the time, part of us checks out, the circuit is broken and a fragment of our soul goes elsewhere for safekeeping.

In ancient times, the community would always journey with the person no more than three days after the soul loss had happened but in modern times we are often unaware of this or the impact on the body.

We may say things like:

“He was never the same since the accident”

“They weren’t themselves since the divorce”

“The grief took a part of him”

“Part of her died when he left”

“She is like a lost soul”

“The redundancy took the spark out of them”

“She lost herself and things went downhill since”

“He’s a shadow of himself”

There is such power and wisdom in these words. Part of us really does leave ..

Until it is welcomed back

In my video I speak of my own soul loss and the shamanic healing and healing movement I channelled for my own body.

I work in small circles with intimacy and safety

There will be:

  • Healing movement
  • Guided Shamanic Journeys
  • Ceremony and Healing
  • The birth of your healing wisdom inside of you
  • And the welcoming of lost parts

You will get to know your cells and yourselves in a way that you have never before

Intimately and

We will learn the patterns that have brought stuckness or stiffness or pain

And bring about ease and flow

Unlocking the cells is a shamanic healing journey. It is very much participatory. You will learn techniques for self healing and supporting others. 

If it is for you,

Your body will tell you

And thank you for listening


 I have created a few videos to tell you about it x

 How does shamanic healing work? 

  What is my story? 


 How to connect with your 'self' again? 



 How do you talk to the cells? 


Dates: Wednesday 1st, 15th and 29th March 7:30-9:00

Exchange: £75.00

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