Three Days, Three Women, Three Dances  

United within you 
Awakening the power of the womb from your ancient roots
A powerful dance of transformation and self-awareness 
Supported  with shamanic processes of self-discovery and enrichment 
Using the Archetypes of the Maiden, The Mother, The Crone, The Wild Woman and the Witch 


 Wednesday 5th July 2023

11-4pm, Middlewood Trust 

The Dance of the Woman You Were

  • Connecting you with the truth of your body, your intuition, activating  your third eye and womb wisdom
  • Connecting you energetically to the Earth Womb and universal creatrix wisdom
  • Bringing Sacredness into your relationships and womb space: womb healing
  • Cord cutting, clearing, healing and creating sacred boundaries for ourselves
  • The commitment to ourselves of sacredness
  • The rights of the womb 

The Girl You Were: Embracing the Energies that brought you to this space and time of healing

The Girl You Were: what energies did she feel flowing through her and her archetypal patterning of what it means to be womb man at this time?

The ancestral healing of the womb line,  identifying what is ancestral and what is your own; receiving the gifts of the ancestors and welcoming you to the lineage


Friday 15th September 2023


The Woman You Are Now: Healing The Sacred Feminine Flow Within You, Tracing it Back to the Source

  • Embracing Pleasure and Receiving Love in All its Forms
  • Releasing Programmes of Guilt and Blame
  • Healing with the Water Element: Becoming the River and the Source
  • Living as the creatrix, manifesting with joy and expansion
  • Seeing and Being Seen 
  • Emerging as The Goddess You Are 


Tuesday 31st October: Ancestral Healing Dance

  • Becoming the Elder, The Wise Woman, The Crone
  • The Woman You Are Yet To Become: Hearing her thoughts, feeling her embodiment , speaking her truth 
  • Becoming the Ancestor, able to tell the stories and transform the future with your words 
  • Throat chakra healing and honouring the witch wound
  • The body of truth: finding and healing where we hold our pain and pleasure
  • Speaking from the womb: communicating with love and truth

All within a beautiful sacred circle of other women who are experiencing the same processes as you



  • The Journey Includes:

  • 3 20 minute online sessions, recorded and available in the womb healing portal to support any processes 
  • PDF Work Book (48 pages)
  • An Aromatherapy Goddess Box full of heavenly blends, aura sprays and anointing blends for your ceremonies, healing and celebration
  • Ancestral Dance 

Exchange: £300