Plant Spirit Cards


Product Description

Greeting Cards 

with channelled guidance from the plant spirits 


Sage is here to clear the way and fly beyond the realms

The crone energy of the sage 

She who has journeyed beyond this place 

Weaving her threads from the silvery moon 

And drawing down sacred blessings from the stars 

Between lifetimes or within this one 

When you hear the calling to evolve, she is waiting 

to receive you and take you 

in her wings  


You are being pulled into a period of deep self-nurturing having neglected yourself for so long.

Nettle's mothering and fiery leaves are wrapping themselves around you now to bring you deep nourishment, healing and care. 

Whatever has pricked your force and sparked your inner fire, know it is bringing forth a power within that has lain dormant too long.

words of comfort and kindness 

Written and Painted by Emily Webster





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