The Mother Threads


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The Ancient Grandmother’s Blessing

Calling in the Grandmothers as womb keepers and tenders of the fire to bring you an alliance of support, guidance and initiation of power and tenderness. This is your lineage, your rite of passage and your strength.

Uniting the Lover and the Mother 

Working with the energy of the magic and sensuality of the yoni that brought forth life to your womb and bringing healing and power forth from the birth into motherhood and loverhood and your connection with the wombspace of Gaia. The Mother and the Lover are not split or disconnected, they are connected embodied, sensual and flowing like water back to the source. Welcome back connection and flow into your womb and sacred yoni.


The Initiation to Mother a New Earth 

A Ceremony of Celebration and honouring the unique journey that you took to come into this place of motherhood. The story and witnessing of the unique energies that you bring to your children and kin. This is a ceremony of storytelling, land connection and a reweaving of ancient threads between mothers,    

The rebirth of the mother through the Earth, tending and mending broken lines and broken connections. From the Mother Wound to feeling the infinite and unconditional love from the source and sending healing to all. 


Ancestral Reweaving and Reconstellation

A Journey to the Luminous Ancestors to Initiate, Ignite and Empower your Motherhood Role. The illuminated ancestors are your greatest allies, guides and support. This is a relearning of the sacred ceremonies around death, rebirth and ancestors to bring peace and healing into each branch of your tree. 


The Burning of Entangling Threads

Releasing all structures and past ties which will hinder your path. Clearing the way for your weaving. We bring in the fire of endings to bring great beginnings. A journey of empowerment to find your tools and vision on your journey as a mother. 


Awakening the Voice of the Storyteller and the Wisdom Keeper 

The Awakening of the voice to speak the wisdom of motherhood into the family. As a mother, your voice is the greatest gift your family can receive, the wisdom keeper, the emotional truth and the ancestral voice. You are this voice and we ignite the power of it in sacred circle. 


The Sword of Justice: May You Always Hold the Power of Truth and Justice   

Calling in Protection and Guidance for you and your children. You hold the vision as you hold the emotional and spiritual threads of your family. We will journey to find our power animals, allies and plant spirit guides with the Sword of Justice to bring peace and protection to your lineage. 


Eight weeks of ceremony, ritual, healing and sisterhood

Monday 4th March - Monday 22nd April 

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