Ancestral Dreams

Jan 21, 2024

Ancestral Dreams

I have been having some very vivid dreams lately

as my ancestors and guides often contact me in my dreams

Two of them are to be shared.

One, a story from my Grandmothers

to rebuild the relationship between

masculine and feminine lines

the healing of the heart or water element

I share it here:

Ancestral Story

The second one I dreamt of

A crone, an old woman, the wisest of the family was holding

with the elders of the family around a fire

Behind her the space opened up

Blowing like a billowing cloak

Open space that was plentiful and vast

Into the void

“What was it?” I asked

“What are you showing me?”


“The space between”, my ancestors told me

The wise ones, the well rested ones

The ones I call on for guidance and healing


“The deepest space of feeling and grief

Where all can be held and felt

The fear of the feeling and going beyond

Is what has kept this family from connecting

And old age brings memory loss and circling closer to the

In smaller circles of safety and comfort

And Alzheimer’s and early graves

And to journey deep

To journey far

And meet the depth

As the mind meets dream

And the soul meets its allies

And feels all in the depth

The deepest part, the winter

That is the place we must journey now

To feel and hold

As the hearts are rewoven

Back to love”


And an image came 

Of a few twigs in the breeze

“This is not your tree” the voices of the ancestors said

They  then showed me a
great trunk

With sturdy roots

And well-rested heart

Immense and everlasting

Timeless and loving

“This is your tree”

Entwine yourself with this

Bring the deepest roots

And deepest heart

for now we are gathering

and gathering to love

and in my hands

I could see the twigs I held

And the broad branches held me in their love

And I made a short video

About the Winter Crone

For my Earth Seasons transmission

But would love to share it here

As we are nearing the beginning of our ancestral immersion

And I wanted to let you know

There is only love in your big and beautiful tree

Even if the branches feel distant or some have snapped off

And lay on the ground

The roots hold the deepest love

The deepest love

And you are welcome

And invited

With all my love

Emily xx

A journey to the Winter Crone

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