Dens and Sacred Boundaries

Apr 03, 2022

Dens and Sacred Boundaries

 Why do children love creating dens?

I’d never considered it before but I have often been fascinated by how my children love to make nests and dens to put either themselves or their teddies in

I always thought it was about having a secret space

And then it came to me about structure and boundaries

How it is so important for the structures around us to be defined by us


Often after creating them

They will say things like

“Only teddies and me are allowed in”

“You can see out from here”
“you can only get in if you say the password”

Such beautiful boundaries

I hope they always keep such a strong sense of their own needs


We unlearn it as adults

As we people please

Or we feel guilty

But if you were to build a den with your inner child,

Who would you let in?

How would they enter?

And how would they treat you when they are inside?

What will you play?


I hope you enjoy exploring

If your inner child is happy and safe

The chances are you will be





Photo: The Roundhouse at Limetree Farm, Grewelthorpe

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