Do you have to feel connected with your ancestors to do ancestral healing?

Oct 24, 2021

Do you have to feel connected with your ancestors to do ancestral healing?

Do you have to feel connected with your ancestors to do ancestral healing?

It really isn’t important

We are living in disconnected and unusual times

Unusual for the ecosystem, common for us humans


So most of us don’t know their names

Or feel the pull, but it pulls us anyhow

Like the tide, the moon, the gravity

We are written so many times before we birth on this Earth


The energy that travels through ancestral lines is profound

Deep, like a story that you are born with,

Or a script and you just need to read the lines

Until you realise it is just that


But how else could you know

What is in you, or outside of you

Until you dismantle the hold of that?

It is a sacred and beautiful process


Flowing from soul to soul

Even Samhain recast as Halloween,

We are hiding behind a mask, costumes not real

Death becomes us all, better to live knowing our connection


The tree we are from

And with it our healed fruit

Growing in our wombs and sewn in our soil

Than accidental recitals of painful pasts


I welcome you in sacredness and healing

To rewrite your story,

Your life and theirs, such deep healing

In the soul, the mind the body


A channelled healing

A meditation

A shamanic dance

A transformation

A shift

That never again

Will there be this

And so it is


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