What is the purpose of healing

May 06, 2024

What is the purpose of healing

The purpose of healing

Ripples far beyond the room

And the final beat of my drum

Beyond the nervous system seeking regulation


Every canal, path, road and track

built and pulled by force

Is feeling the beat of the heart now

Feeling in the wind being brushed with the strokes of love


Healing stirs the waters of the soul

Entering into the birth canal of the world yet to come

Of learning that through love

And passion creation begins


Our souls are creating now

The vision in our hearts

Our souls are uniting now

And the Earth is holding us, guiding us, welcoming us


Knowing that the heart that loves the body

Lives in the body that loves the Earth

The body that holds the spark, the instinct of creation

is being pulled down and written now.


This isn’t just healing

This is the child recognising the mother

To be birthed again with love


This isn’t just healing

It is the heart being revived

In the final moment for our species

To survive


This isn’t just healing

It is knowing

This is the moment we plant the acorns

For oak trees we will never see


This isn’t just healing

It is love

It is a future

It is all of us

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