Healing the Ancestral Lines and Honouring Death

Oct 05, 2023

Healing the Ancestral Lines and Honouring Death

With the end of my marriage came a death. The physical death of a family member and the death of a karmic thread I had been carrying. Suddenly it became really potent and painful, I reached out to new teachers, new guides to unravel and repair the threads and weave new ones. As mothers we carry so many threads, the emotional ties and connections umbilical cords and red threads of the womb beyond this realm. 

My favourite question to my clients is often: What does this look like in your every day life?

So, I remember being frustrated that my children weren’t involved in any grief or ceremony and how important it would have been for them to witness their elders grieving and honouring death well. I felt that with the ceremonies of death could bring healthy grief as well as opening a portal for what was coming up for the family for healing. 

The social norms around death can be really difficult as though grief needs to look a certain way and ‘pulling yourself together’ is something to be celebrated. I started getting very vivid dreams about what was happening which triggered some very painful events I couldn’t explain until I realised it was karmic. My karma and their karma washing up on the shore like a shipwreck. I did countless ceremonial dances with my ancestors to listen to their voices and untangle the karma, find the origin and bring back the power.

I have been working with ancestral healing for some twenty years now through my role as a psychopomp and communication with spirit. I often voiced this, the voices of those who had parted around the table of the living. I bring their souls to my altar and call on them in household and family affairs, supporting loved ones and creating a circle of support and care.  

This year things changed. It wasn’t like before, something new was stirring, like a bigger spoon in a much bigger pot which I didn’t know as my own. So my tools have grown and my knowledge deepened.

When the physical and emotional effects of these show up in our lives it isn’t always something we have the tools for. This year I learnt them. From another death in 2021, one of the grandfathers his grandsons had never met, peeping in and asking to be welcomed. I called him in for his healing and wisdom. This week he guided me and my partner in one of the biggest power retrievals we have ever done. Truly profound and such a treasured gift.

Our ancestors are our wisest guides about our karma, our wisdom and our truth. When we heal them, we heal ourselves. The stories that take you back to the source. It is often war: the battlefield, the souls that dance free in the same ground where their limbs were blown apart and their families  who grieved and lived without their love and wisdom are reunited.

The ways that external events affect families is written in our cells. Recent healings of the witch wound have revealed the divides that cracked through the centre of families torn apart by persecution of women. The legacy was that it left families at war and a wounding of the mother who was ether absent or holding the wounding

There is nothing new in the sessions, only what already exists in your soul.

Last week, I had a dream about a bird who had his wings severed. The bird fell from the sky along with the wings.  That started a new journey, I brought it to healing. It was another sign I had a ceremony to do and now I have the tools, I began straight away. .

When I work with ancestors, our sessions are online or in person.

I journey first to find out what is stirring and asking to be done

Then the ceremony begins and afterwards the elemental integration: altars, ceremonies and conversations usually.

Bringing the wisdom back to the hearth, and kindling the loving flames of your kin.

This is my gift to you,

My truth and my service

With love,

Emily xx

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