What does it mean to rewire your emotional circuit board?

Oct 14, 2021

What does it mean to rewire your emotional circuit board?

In my healing work, 

I talk a lot about rewiring your emotional circuit board. Electricity is the perfect metaphor for the transfer of energy. We take it from a source and use it to ignite something. 

It is important that the source we take it from is being replenished and that we are also igniting ourselves. When we start healing our chakras, the energy is constantly flowing in a limitless supply.

When our energy is being outsourced, we just become wires for other people’s light switch. I am here to tell you that you are so much more than that. 

The outside reality is only a reflection of what is going on inside your inner landscape or your energy body. We are programed to believe that we can get what we need from outside. Maybe if other people love us enough, if only they would accept us as we really are? Maybe if we are good enough or clever enough?

Have you said that? 

When we rewire this and allow the approval to come from our own heart centre, our own confidence to come from our own solar plexus, our joy from our sacrum, we own it. It is ours. It isn’t right or wrong, good or bad, it just is. That’s where the power and beauty lies

It’s coming from the source, from us. It is powering the emotional body from its centre, where the power should be. 

Constantly seeking approval or asking permission causes havoc in the body. All the energy is flowing out into the ether to be lost, or worse used to plug into and amplify someone else’s energy body. 

We are our own electricity, we need to plug ourselves into us. Our hearts don’t beat and feel just to make other people feel good, they beat for us, so we can make clear decisions, love and keep us alive. This means that when we love, it is limitless, it never runs out. We are plugging ourselves back into ourselves so it doesn’t run out. 

Meditation is a form of rewiring from the centre which is why I love to use chakra meditations with clients, to rewire the circuitry back to self love. 

When we know why we withhold love from ourselves, and forgive and release,  we can be kinder and give more fuel to the fire that burns inside us. 

Now who would you be if you wired yourself back into you?  

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