What is Womb Healing?

Sep 01, 2022

What is Womb Healing?

What is Womb Healing?

Womb healing is responding to the ways that the womb has lost her intuition, health, power and joy, bringing her back to life to be the centre of our wisdom, pleasure, creativity, power and therefore our lives.

The womb is a magical space of creativity and creation. The reason that this work is so important now at this time is because of the way that the sacred arts of conception, lovemaking, birthing, divine feminine wisdom, honouring the bleed and menopause have been surrounded with suspicion, medicalised beyond our sovereignty as women. Every relationship we have  leaves a trace on our wombs and clearing and purifying this energy is important to keep our channels clear for those things we want to bring into our lives.

The shamanic way of dreaming the world alive, conceptualising reality before it comes with the right emotions, guidance and spirit has been lost and it can be seen in the way we run our lives, our health, our lack of joy as a species and the degradation of our land, our mother Gaia. It is time to return to the old ways and a return to ceremony, intention and sacred acknowledgement of all of lives rights of passage so we can mature and heal in a way that the Earth calls for us to do.

As a holder of the womb rights and a Womb Shaman, I work to bring this knowledge and these sacred arts back to women and help them to weave this magic into their every day lives.

Some of the elements of womb healing may seem disconnected from the womb space such as our voices and our power. They are one as the same as the Mayans say,

Everything Is Birthed through the Womb

Our power, our voices, our passions, dreams, creativity, creations and therefore our lives.

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