Who is the Good Girl?

Sep 12, 2022

Who is the Good Girl?

The Good Girl Archetype was a survival mechanism that we created in childhood to keep us safe.

It stopped us getting told of, receiving criticism and it always looks to authority to find out what it needs to do next

It firmly wires our inner authority, our intuition, our feelings and our sense of who we are outside our body


Looking for validation:
Am I beautiful enough?
Am I clever enough

Am I good enough?

Am I pleasing you?

This construction, depending on our experiences can stay with us long into adulthood when we believe we need to get things right to gain approval or stay connected. It is how we get attention in school or make ourselves useful at home.


It’s the beginning of abandoning our intuition and our own needs

We reject the part of us that instinctively knows

We reject the wisdom of the heart

We reject the one who speaks her truth


And it screams at times,

Before giving up

The connections break

And the new reality is created

What do I need to do now?

What should I wear?

How can I give them the right answer?


Yet there is a way to not abandon you

And that is to be you

Tuning inside

To your heart and your womb

Inhabit each cell

And call forth your voice

And feel the energy

Tingling with joy

Or closing down with fear

That’s the truth


From the womb

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