Why Am I Hearing So Much About Ancestral Healing Right Now?

Dec 30, 2023

Why Am I Hearing So Much About Ancestral Healing Right Now?


Ancestral Healing Story


It isn’t your imagination,
Deeper roots are calling you
Ancestral healing is so much deeper
than I could have imagined when my ancestors
first told me this was my work
Around the time my daughter was born
Bringing wisdom back from the heart
Sacredness back to mother’s bodies
abused by stories told 
to keep legs and mouths shut
Mythological constructions becoming unwoven
Bring back the sacred hearth they said
My grandmother’s voices
The truth of my soul
That the core of power structures that strangled
And silenced hearts was coming to an end
Nearly eleven years on, I can feel you now
Through the fog that is lifting
It is a rekindling of foundations that have been absent
A re-membering of all of the elements needed
The strands I have gathered all feel like home
When this world has felt so distant
Like a memory that is now coming to life
Growing back from the bare bones
I have journeys, ceremonies, practices and rituals
Awaiting your homecoming
And the ancestors are so happy to see you
And love you

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