Why is Shamanic Healing So Profound?

Dec 28, 2021

Why is Shamanic Healing So Profound?

Why is shamanic healing so powerful?

Why is aromatherapy so much more than just a smell?

It has much to do with the nature of truth. Not as in

“How many fingers am I holding up?”

But the kind that is in our memories. Two people can live in the same experiences, same family, same home and remember it so differently. Two people can have the same event, a loss or a tragic event and feel it so differently. Our truth depends on the journey of our soul and how our emotions and limbic system or how our bones digest the reality that we live.

Shamanically, we say the truth is in our bones or that our bones know the truth.

When I journey with my guides into the soul’s journey of my clients, I am not shown narratives or ordered events, what I can see is their imprint on the soul. The nature of truth is that it is written as it is received. Just as beauty lies in the eye of the beholder or the observer projects their truth on what is observed. Truth is created the moment it is received. We cannot find it in books.

So we find it in cells, in bones. In the memories etched in our bodily memoirs, our akashic souls.

Our plant allies know this; certain scents take us to moments in time. Alzeimers patients transported to islands of memory lit up by the energy of a scent or a sound. The limbic system, our emotional memory is wired to scent.

Like the smell of bread or smelling a loved one’s clothes, we ground ourselves in islands of calm to create the reality we exist in. Aromatherapy can create a heart-warming experience and allow us to resonate with a frequency that is not present in the room but we can bring it with our bottled allies or create protection from energies not wanted in our aura.


What about the pain?

Repetitive dreams and thoughts are not always to be dismissed and pushed away.

They can be gathered like seeds,

Ready to bring the part of you that wants to be seen into full bloom

Or the shadow to be seen and loved

Or the frightening thought to be brought lovingly into your heart to be narrated from the I that is whole.

Or the seed of a part of you once dismissed, ready to be replanted and nurtured


When we understand that we are truth, we can embrace so much more of it.

The truth of the prickle in the throat, what would it say?

The truth of the burning in the hands, what would they do?

The truth of the wisdom in the body, how would it dance?


That’s where our truth is

Written in our bones

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