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I am: Activating your soul purpose

Friday 28th August 11:00 – 12.30pm

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I am

Activating your Soul Purpose and True Sovereign Self

Have you ever felt that the life that you are living is not completely you? Do you wonder about how you have come to find yourself here an crave a way of being that is more in tune with  your energy and your passions?

Do you have a sense of purpose but lack confidence about bringing it out into the world or feel foggy about whether or not it is truly in resonance with the highest vibration of your soul?

This is a solar plexus healing workshop which combines meditation with sound healing and deep questions about your place in the world.

We draw upon angelic energies to activate the solar plexus to a place of confidence and self-sovereignty with a deep connection to your soul purpose in this incarnation.


Postponed: The Chakra Series: Sacred Oils for Creating Energetic Spaces

This three- part series of workshops is a creative exploration of the chakras in drawing, poetry, essential oils and meditation.
Part One: The Lower Chakras
Saturday 20th June
We consider the roots, the womb space and the Earth Star, our connection with Earth and our vitality. The lower chakras ground us in reality and the manifestation of our ideas. They bring us into connection with this Earth, allowing us to truly own our space and feel we belong. We will come to understand ourselves in terms of our boundaries as people energetically, physically and sensually.

Part Two: What would your heart say? The Solar Plexus, The Heart and The Throat
Saturday 18th July
The three middle chakras bring balance to the body; ignited by the fire of confidence from the solar plexus, the pulsing wisdom of the heart and the voice to bring this energy into reality. The voice of the heart is essential to bring healing and love into our cells and our lives yet so often it is blocked through not having had the experiences that it has needed or because the mind dismisses its wisdom. Healing the heart and giving it a voice is such a powerful way to bring your true essence into your life and make it feel more effortless.

Part Three: The Upper Chakras

Saturday 15th August

How do I connect with my highest self and the divine?
This session focuses on the third eye, activating intuition, the crown chakra and the soul star. These chakras connect us to our sense of purpose, show us the archetypes that have formed our identities and help us to see the bigger picture, the way we are divinely connected and guided in each moment. This workshop connects us to our sense of purpose, higher self and divine wisdom.

We will blend oils to use in meditation and learn about the vibrational frequency of essential oils to rebalance the readings we will do in the workshop.

This is a very special series of workshops for those journeying into their energetic, emotional and spiritual bodies. It will bring insights into how the energy is flowing in each of these areas and give you new tools and awareness to connect with your body in a loving and healing way.

£20.00 each or £50.00 for the series
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